Mobile App: All parks in the Lake Tahoe – Donner region

GOAL: $35,000

In our effort to connect more people with our parks, we are requesting assistance with the cost of developing a mobile cell phone application that functions as an interpretative “tour guide” for people visiting Tahoe-Donner California State Park sites. The app would be available as a free download for visitors using Android and Apple IOS devices. The purpose of the mobile app is to fill in the gap for the ever increasing demand and decreasing availability for interpretative services to Sierra State Park visitors. SSPF expects this convenience will result in increased stewardship of our valued parks.

  1. The app would deliver an interactive opportunity to deepen the understanding and appreciation of parks in the Tahoe-Donner region.
  2. The app will improve the delivery of park’s educational curriculum for school age children
  3. The app will complement existing interpretative tours and programs
  4. The app will promote the recreational trails and activities of each park
  5. The app will have the ability to direct users to become members and make donations
  6. The app will be able to capture metrics such as user demographics, most used features, time utilized and clicks to other websites and links, etc.

The app will feature the following parks: Kings Beach SRA, Donner Memorial SP, D. L. Bliss SP, Emerald Bay SP, Sugar Pine Point SP, Washoe Meadows SP and Tahoe SRA.

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